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Natural Growth Factor Injections

Why get natural growth factor injections aka prf (plasma rich fibrin)?

The best way to encourage cell growth within the body is with PRF, or “Liquid Gold,” as we like to call it. Blood is taken from the patient, processed, and then utilized to treat them. PRF has incredible advantages that can be used to promote collagen formation in the body, reduce the appearance of scarring, increase hair growth, and many other things.

To create Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF), a complex fibrin matrix rich in platelets, leukocytes, and mesenchymal stem cells, is created from your own blood! This causes the continual production of growth factors and interleukins for 10 to 12 days, speeding up the healing and regeneration of tissue. This 100% autologous rejuvenation method represents a significant advancement over the well-known PRP (or Platelet-Rich Plasma) method, in which growth factors are all released for a brief period following treatment. This is entirely natural. The tubes include no coating, additives, or anticoagulants, and it has been demonstrated that this results in a higher concentration of growth factors being released for a longer period.

PRF is utilized in cosmetic surgery to hasten wound healing and lessen scarring. In aesthetics, PRF is used to treat the following conditions either alone or in conjunction with collagen induction therapy:

  • Hair Loss
  • Dark circles
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Tear throughs and deep folds
  • Volume loss and symmetry adjustment


The patient’s level of hydration is crucial to the success of this treatment (patients need to start the hydration process 72 hours before treatment). Smokers may respond to this medication less favorably.

Although PRF is generally effective, there is no way to predict which patients would gain from it, which is why a consultation is so crucial. Additionally, because of the nature of cosmetic procedures, it may take a patient several sessions to get the desired results or to determine whether PRF is truly beneficial in treating a given disease. The usual patient requires three to four therapy sessions, spaced by four to six weeks, and the end outcome won’t be apparent for four to nine months.

Treatment Breakdown:

  1. You may take pain medication such as Tylenol.
  2. A numbing cream is applied to the area of treatment.
  3. Approximately 13-52cc of whole blood is drawn from your arm.
  4. The tubes of blood are centrifuged to separate the component cells.
  5. Platelets, Leukocytes, and Mesenchymal stem cells are separated and used for this procedure.
  6. The liquid is then transferred into a syringe and injected using a tiny needle.

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More questions? Visit the PRF FAQ page

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Results are visible within 4-9 months.

Although outcomes may differ from person to person, long-lasting results from PRF treatments are usually long lasting.

The number of treatments varies from person to person, but on average, we recommend 3-4 treatment sessions separated by 4-6 weeks then 1-2 treatments per year for maintenance.

Plan any events or trips two weeks in advance to allow for probable bruising and swelling from injections.  Recovery following microneedling with PRF requires 1-2 days and results in reddish skin without peeling.

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