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Struggle with weight loss?  A normal BMI is between 18-25.  If your BMI is over >25, then you are considered “overweight or obese”.  If you have a BMI of 28 or higher and you have no additional health conditions this may be the right program for you. This program is not first line therapy to treat diabetes type 2.

This program consists of a series of weekly subcutaneous injections (that you give yourself) to help make you feel fuller, faster, and longer. The medication used is called semaglutide (Ozempic). This is a glucagon-like peptide (GLP-1) analog approved in 2017 as a treatment method for improving glycemic control in Type 2 diabetic patients and showed great success in weight loss.

Therefore, this medication was then approved to be used in weight management therapies. Semaglutide demonstrated appetite suppression, improved control of eating, less food cravings, and improved glycemic control.

A series of office appointments will be required. Initial appointment for vitals/physical health assessment, followed by another appointment to teach injections then monthly weigh-ins.

If you are not overweight, according to your BMI but still would like help to shed that extra 5 – 10 lb, you can come in 1-2 times a week for a Lipo-B (MICC) injection.

PMA does not accept insurance. HSA/FSA cards are accepted.

Cost of program is a 3–6-month subscription at $199 per month plus the cost of medication approximately $250+ per vial purchased. Patients will need 1-4 vials thorough the entire 6-month program.

***Availability of this medication may change based on the FDA standards and during the program and other medications such as Liraglutide may be offered in substitutio9


Initial appointment is a 45 min health assessment, includes taking your vitals and completing a full health history. Please bring recent lab work showing your most recent HgA1c, fasting glucose, ALT/AST, TSH, and kidney function. Your medication will be ordered at this appointment, and you will sign up for a 3-6-month subscription at $199/month (it takes 1 week to receive from the compounding pharmacy).

The second appointment is a quick 15 min appointment teaching you how to properly complete a subcutaneous injection on yourself and picking up your medication. You will perform your first injection in front of the provider to confirm you are safe and competent in self injections. Bring a small cooler/lunch pail with some ice packs as this medication needs to remain refrigerated.

Monthly follow up appointments are required to check weight loss, to see how you are tolerating the medication/side effects and to discuss the next steps in titrating the medication. This can be via Telehealth or in person (preferred).

Your first medication vial should last you 2-3 months, please reach out to your provider for a refill when you get to this mark as it takes a week to receive from the compounding pharmacy.

After your 2nd-3rd month you will need an in-person appointment to pick up your second/third vials of medication.

Call to schedule appointment

Semaglutide FAQ

The small intestine produces the hormone GLP-1, which increases insulin release and suppresses glucagon secretion to lower blood sugar levels. A wide range of advantages, including positive effects on glycemia, have been associated with semaglutide.

– Tailormade Compounding Pharmacy website

Start with 0.25mg once per week, and if necessary or tolerated, increases to 0.5mg or more based on your Providers recommendations (this is the reason for the monthly follow up visits).

– Tailormade Compounding Pharmacy website

Reported advantages include weight loss, neuroprotection, improved fertility, PCOS treatment, quitting smoking, and cardiovascular advantages.

– Tailormade Compounding Pharmacy website

Semaglutide is injected subcutaneously, often in doses of 0.25 to 0.5 milliliters (0.5 to 1 mg) once every week. After a month of treatment, this dosage may be increased to 1mL (2 mg) once weekly if necessary. Most of the time, this medicine is well tolerated and can be continually taken without interrupting therapy without having any declining effects.

– Tailormade Compounding Pharmacy website

Side effects/precautions: Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach discomfort, and constipation are the most often reported side effects. Patients who have hypoglycemia, kidney issues, or a higher likelihood of allergic reactions are at an increased risk of experiencing major side effects. The drug in question is not an insulin.

– Tailormade Compounding Pharmacy website

Since it is not an insulin, this medicine should not be taken by anyone with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis.

– Tailormade Compounding Pharmacy website